What to expect during your first session

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your first appointment to complete a registration form. This will ask for your contact details and medical history. The first session will include a formal assessment or your problem by one of our physiotherapists. They will ask you questions to assist in diagnosis. Following the questions your physiotherapist will examine you. This may require you to remove an appropriate amount of clothing; we recommend that for lower limb or back problems clients bring either a pair of shorts or tracksuit trousers, and for upper limb or neck problems female clients wear a vest top, and if males are uncomfortable removing their tops, that they wear a vest or t-shirt. Our physiotherapists respect your dignity at all times.

Your physiotherapist will ask you to perform a series of different movements and will perform some tests to confirm a diagnosis. In the first session your physiotherapist will explain your diagnosis and begin your treatment. You will be given specific exercises and instructed on how and when to do these. If further diagnostic investigations are required your physiotherapist will discuss this with you and can recommend the most appropriate way for these to be arranged.